ETR 21 2.0[ 1-3 Oct]


Race Packs dispatched 25th June via courier

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Important Notice:


Mat and I were hoping not to be putting this out, but here we are.

If you receive an email from us today. You have been given the option to defer to ETR 2.0 on 1-3 October 2021. This is due to the current Covid-19 restrictions on movement within certain states and territories making it difficult for you to attend the 9-11 July 2021 race.

[This deferral option is only valid till Thursday 8th July 2021 11am]

This is not an automatic deferral process, as there are runners who may reside in a current area of concern, but have not been at their home in the last 14 days. This is why it is not an automatic deferral process.

So what this means for you all is, you must click on the link attached in your email and fill out the form before this Thursday 8th July 11am. After 11am Thursday 8th July 2021 you will not have the option to defer to ETR 2.0 in October 2021.

Please note if the restrictions are lifted on Friday as planned for NSW, you may still come and follow the normal race rules.

Please let us know on the form if your planning to do this. But if you change your mind after Thursday 11am not to race as normal, the deferral option is not available.


• please fill in form as not automatic deferral to ETR 2.0 October 2021

• Option still to race this weekend for races on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th [if restrictions allow you to]

• If you have not received an email from us today, your entry is valid for this race 9-11 July 2021 with no option to defer.

If you are deferring to ETR 2.0 [1-3 October 2021] we will see you there. Please also note, as we are not cancelling this event, there is no refunds and no deferrals to ETR 2022.


Mat and Kerry [RD’s]


BREAKING NEWS Due to the Current Sydney Lockdown that has just been announced today.

Mat and I (RD's) know there is a lot of people who have been training for months to give ETR a crack this year and we do not want to take that away from you, so we have decided to put on TWO yes I said 2, Elephant Trail Races this year in 2021.

So what does that mean.

Depending what the restrictions are on race day, if you live in an area that is in lockdown or in a hotspot on race day [8-11 July 2021], your race entry will be transferred to what we are calling ETR21 2.0.

This race will be held on 1-3rd October 2021, this year.
This race will also be put up as another event and people may enter this event also. So potentially if you are not in lock down, you could run 2 elephants trail events this year. New event will be put up in the next couple of days. OMG are we really doing this, um yes.

We know this is a very hard time at the moment but Mat and I wanted to still give everyone the opportunity to race the elephant this year.

So to recap:

2 dates in 2021

9-11 July 2021 [normal date, no lockdown areas allowed at this event]

1-3 October 2021 [all the lockdown areas runners-only (at time of 1st event) will have their entry transferred to this race].
This race will also be open to everyone to enter again.

We hope to see everyone out on the trails soon.

Mathew and Kerry (RD's)

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'Take the challenge and earn the pain'

Entries NOW Open

Port Macquarie's Largest Trail Run hosted by

Coastal Track and

Trail runners.

8 Distances over

3 huge Days. 

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The Elephant Trail Race Course is a 25-27km course, with approx. 1455m elevation.

Friday Night at 8pm the 200km start (2 anti-clockwise, 2 clockwise, 2 anti-clockwise, 1 clockwise and finish with the 13km course) and  160 Km race (2 laps anti-clockwise, 2 laps clockwise and 2 laps anti-clockwise). 

Saturday 6.30am 100km Solo and Teams of 2, (being 2 laps clockwise and 2 laps anti-clockwise). 7.30am the 50km (2 laps clockwise one direction) and 10am the 5km race.

Sunday 7am the 25km start, 7.30am the 13km course and the Kids Trail Race 2.5km at 11am.

The ETR Race is only a short distance from Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Telegraph Point in the beautiful Hastings Area. All racing will take place in Cairncross State Forest.You will travel through the State Forest and NSW Crown Lands and land of the traditional owners, the Birpai People. 

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